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  • My background is in accounting, so I take a lot of care in my financial decisions. The Equity Accelerator Loan from Northpointe Bank is the only mortgage product I’ve found that gives me financial freedom. I’ve paid down my principal loan faster, while having the flexibility to get cash for home improvements, school, or other of life’s surprises without credit cards or re-applying for loans.

    – Michael O.

  • We switched from a 30-year fixed to the Equity Accelerator and, without any change to our spending habits, we were able to pay off our house in only 15 months! Our only regret was that we didn’t do it sooner.

    – Chris S.

  • My wife and I signed up for the Equity Accelerator Loan and this was a game changer! We were extremely impressed with what the Equity Accelerator Loan could do for our family and our future. There was no way we could go back to a fixed conventional loan. The Equity Accelerator gave us access to our savings while paying down our home in the shortest amount of time and allowed for us to start saving for other dreams we had in mind.

    – Paul K.

  • My wife and I have been on the Equity Accelerator program for about a year now and are very glad we made the switch from a traditional 30 year fixed mortgage. Our principal balance continues to decrease at a faster rate and we really appreciate the fact that even though we are paying our loan down, our home’s equity is still available to utilize for home improvement projects or possible emergencies. A level of comfort we did not have with our old loan! Seeing how the Equity Accelerator has simplified our financial life, I would definitely recommend to family and friends!

    – Mark G.

  • We have had the Equity Accelerator Loan for 4 years now. It has allowed us to pay our mortgage down substantially without changing our daily habits and also afforded us the opportunity to purchase a rental property in Colorado and Florida. We hope to have our current homes paid off in 4 years to either purchase additional rental properties or enjoy life living mortgage free.

    – Jennifer S.

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